Monday, August 21, 2006

Sports Fest?

After a very good outing at the MIT Flea yesterday (I sold an old iPod and 4 of my 6 PDAs - the only things I have left now are my Treo and a Newton 2100 that you'll have to pry from my cold dead fingers), I returned home around noon with a wallet full of cash and time to kill before Jane and David return today from a visit to her parents in New Jersey.

So did I go out and buy a bunch of new gizmos? Nope.

Did I go out to a nudie bar? Heck, no! (I'm not even interested in that scene)

Did I buy the WWE Summerslam pay-per-view, or better still, go into Boston and pick up a ticket? Nope.

What I did was read the newspaper, watch the Cup race on TV, head out to look for a decent fan for downstairs at the end of summer (no luck, though), and go to bed before 9. No Summerslam. No Sox game (all for the better - they're cooked now. No chance left at all). Just more sleep than I've had in weeks. It was nice.

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