Thursday, January 05, 2006

Quick college football hits

I only watched two bowl games this year, the Sugar Bowl (featuring my wife's alma mater, the West Virginia Mountaineers) and the just-concluded Rose Bowl. The Sugar Bowl was a heck of a game, not just because the Mountaineers won (they hardly ever win bowl games), but because of the way it started out as a whupping by WVU and then suddenly turned competitive - capped by an incredibly ballsy 4th down call by WVU with a fake punt to ice the game.

The Rose Bowl wasn't quite the same for me. I was rooting for USC, mainly because I liked Pete Carroll when he was coaching here and thought he got a raw deal - most of the blame for the Pats' decline during the post-Parcells era in my mind should go to Bobby Grier, who was a horrible judge of football talent. It's no coincidence that the next program he went to (the Texans) has been awful as well. In my eyes, the game was marred by some horrid officiating calls, especially in the first half (Texas got a gift touchdown on a play where the runner was clearly down before he lateraled). That shouldn't take away at all from Vince Young's amazing performance, but it just wasn't what I hoped for in a game.

But college football is a sport where one spectacular player can really make an impact, way more so than in the pros. Then again, if USC could have gained about 6 more inches on their final 4th down, it would be a non-issue because the clock would have run out. Go figure.

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