Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Today is Macworld keynote day - featuring a noon keynote from The Legendary Steve. The entire Macinverse is breathlessly awaiting what new goodies are heading our way - my money is on Intel Core Solo-based iBooks and Minis, and possibly a Core Duo-based PowerBook. I suspect maybe a minor tweak to the flash-based iPods as well, iLife/iWork updates, and the accidentally hinted at iWeb program (whatever that is).

Hopefully, alongside that we'll get the Mac OS 10.4.4 update, because Samba's got some real issues with stability on 10.4.3.

David's home with a fever today - OK because Jane has the day off except for a couple of calls and some paperwork she has to deal with. She may take him to the doctor today if it spikes again.

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