Monday, September 19, 2005


I hope I'm wrong, but I think the Sox are done. Like I said a few days ago, they may hold off the Yankees (I won't count on it), but they just plain don't have the horses right now to get it done. Nixon, Damon, and Varitek are hurting, Kapler is out, Renteria has fallen apart both in the field and at the plate, and their pitching is a wreck. Tim Wakefield and Bronson Arroyo are pitching great, but otherwise you have no idea what you'll get from a starter, Miller was a bust and will be going back under the knife, and Foulke is probably done. On the bright side, Manny has been solid, Ortiz amazing, and Timlin has been a rock in the bullpen - and the two kids (Papelbon and Delcarmen) have shown signs of being the future. I'll be happy if we get anything more from this team, but I'm looking forward to seeing them next year.

The Pats finally lost a game. Go figure. I commented a little yesterday, but the shock is still fresh.

In a non-sports note, if you happened to watch SmackDown by accident this past Friday (they changed the night), Ken Kennedy is going to be the next huge star if they handle him right. He's got ring skill, intensity, he's brilliant on the mic, and he just oozes charisma. Kennedy and John Cena can be the future of the company if they do it right - but Cena needs to step down from the top spot for a few months and work on his ring skills. He can still have a good match with the right opponent (which is probably why he's working a program with Kurt Angle - Angle could make me look good in the ring), but his matches have become way too predictable and the crowd backlash is starting to mount.

Completely unrelated - my favorite webcomic (MegaTokyo) has finally started to advance the plotline after meandering for about a year. This is good. Even when it sucks, MegaTokyo is still a terrific piece of work, but right now it's getting good again.

I have a fairly busy week through Thursday, then a possible all-day job on Friday that I'll need to confirm in a couple of days. If all goes well, I can take a couple of days off next week.

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