Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sports report

What a day. I've obviously lost all my ability to pick NFL games - had I gone the exact reverse of all my picks I might have won the Newsguy pool this week. It was that bad. Then the Sox got slaughtered (at least the Yankees lost too), and the immensely annoying Ryan Newman won the NASCAR race up in Loudon today. At least the race had some entertaining moments and temper flare-ups - the baseball game lacked any excitement and the Pats game only had the Vrabel interception return as a highlight moment. Belichick was curiously sloppy, failing to challenge on the 1st quarter Davis touchdown that was actually a fumble, and the Brady fumble that might have been an incompletion. Surprising. Even the Pats have to be human on occasion, though.

Busy week coming up, in week 1 of "no minivan warranty" world (I hit the magic number on the way to brunch at Flynnie's today). I will be doing some local stops during the week, along with trips to Boston, Norwood, and Stoneham before the week is up. If all is well, I should be able to take a day or two off the following week (I was originally planning to go on vacation then), but who knows at this point?

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