Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Nice Kit

iPod Nano - wicked freakin' cool. It'd be nice if it came in 4GB and 8GB versions instead of 2 and 4, but it's still a pretty darn good value despite that.

iTunes 5 - new skin. Meh. It's OK, I guess, but not as exciting as I would have liked in a full point release. I think the biggest argument for calling it iTunes 5 is that the previous version was 4.9.

Motorola ROKR phone. Nice. I'll stick with my Treo, though.

The Nano will sell like hotcakes and destroy what little part of the flash-based player market wasn't already owned by Apple with the Shuffle. My only disappointment is that there was no Shuffle upgrade as part of the announcements today - I was hoping to see a 2GB Shuffle hit the market. But that would have overlapped the low end of the Nano line, so I expect no upgraded Shuffle until bigger Nano models come out.

The interesting thing will be to see what Apple Expo Paris in two weeks brings (if anything) - Steve cancelled his planned keynote, so I think that there won't be any major hardware announcements. Maybe a PowerMac speedbump, or possibly the final PowerBook update before Intel models start shipping next year.

Or maybe nothing minor, either.

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