Monday, September 12, 2005

Busy me

I'm typing this as I prepare to go get lunch - I'm down in Norwood right now, on Day 2 of a stint that will take me through the entire week. I'm the fill-in sysadmin at the ad agency I used to work for, and I'm doing a lot of break-fix work. Tomorrow, though, I start my day at another client at 6:30 in the morning to help debug a NetWare backup issue before driving here, and then Wednesday afternoon I have to go to Boston to do a Mac install. Besides that, I have a BNUG meeting tomorrow night, and an orientation meeting Friday evening in Boston before Harbor to the Bay on Saturday.

But other than that, not too much... I got in a good training ride yesterday - about 56 miles or so (to Newburyport and back). And David is getting interested in potty use. So that's good, too. I'm pretty well booked through the end of the month for the most part, and that is the best part of all right now!

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