Thursday, March 24, 2005

Storm fizzles, fo' shizzle!

When I was getting ready for bed last night, there were some light snow flurries and the TV weather nerds were breathlessly talking about 4-8 inches of snow by morning.

Well, morning came, and the snow did not. There's only enough to coat the grass in patches on some lawns. None on the roads, or sidewalks, or cars. Maybe winter's finally about over. And it's damn well time.

Unless the Supreme Court decides to be wildly unprincipled for the first time since December of 2000, the sad story of Terri Schiavo is finally almost over. If we're lucky as a nation, some of the idiots we call voters will wake up and see what kind of a theocracy the GOP is trying to impose on us. And maybe they'll start doing something about it. Remember, I don't much like Democrats either, but this past week has been a perfect illustration of just why the Republicans nowadays are downright evil.

I wish we could have a Centrist Party - splitting off most of the northeast Republicans (except for the New Hampshire Senators and the walking excrement that is Rick Santorum), some of the midwest and southern Democrats, and most of the non-wacky politicians nationwide. Your farthest-right member would be John McCain, and your farthest-left member would be Hilary Clinton (who's so far proven to be far more centrist than anyone expected). Jim Jeffords would join, as would Olympia Snowe and Lincoln Chaffee. We'd also have Chris Shays from Connecticut, John Kerry, a couple of the Mass. congressmen (like Lynch), Mary Landreau from Louisiana, and all the rest of the "mainly down-the-middle" political crowd.

The Centrists would run the country much more effectively than either the Republicans or Democrats would - leaving the far-left and far-right nutlogs to fight over the details. Please, folks, have a meeting and make all this happen!

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