Thursday, March 17, 2005

My early line on Wrestlemania

Based on the matches announced so far, here's my early predictions (in order of importance):

-Batista over Triple H for the World title, clean
-JBL retains the WWE title against John Cena (through outside interference), but then drops it at the next PPV
-Randy Orton ends Undertaker's winning streak (he's won his match in all 12 of the Wrestlemanias he's been in)
-Kurt Angle beats Shawn Michaels - this one has the potential to steal the show if it goes long enough. They've built it up great so far.
-I'm not so sure about the Ladder Match. Before the recent real-life controversy with Edge (which I won't elaborate on, but all the Internet wrestling sheets will), I'd have picked him for the win and the push. Now, I'm not sure. If not Edge, then probably either Jericho or Shelton Benjamin.
-Women's title match: There's not really enough legit women wrestlers anymore, since several of them were dumped and replaced with eye candy last fall. That said, Trish Stratus (the current title holder) is pretty good and a strong heel, so I see her hanging on. Christy has a little potential as an athlete, but is still pretty much eye candy.
-Big Show/Akebono (Akebono is a legit sumo wrestler and a Grand Champion) Sumo match: it doesn't matter who wins, and nothing is at stake. This is just a "special attraction" match that should take up only a short time and be entertaining. With these two, there'll be about a half-ton of beef in the ring!

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