Monday, December 20, 2004


Jane took Gracie to the vet's this morning for a somewhat urgent visit - her repaired ear had puffed up again. Turns out that two things had gone wrong - first off, even though we were regularly cleaning the discharge as instructed, a scab still formed and kept it from draining right. So that was fixed. Secondly, apparently the incision should be widened a little. That's really minor, but they'll have to knock her loopy to fix it. So that can't be done until tomorrow, after we keep her away from food for a night. But it's a minor fix.

Also, I'm now recovering from my FluMist side effects - the stuff works, I'm told, but it can cause a major runny nose for a day or two, and that's what it did to me. A regular flu shot doesn't do that to me, but it does leave me feeling kind of run down for a few days, so it's a toss-up as to which I prefer.

Either alternative is better than getting the flu, though.

Quieter week this week. I may be meeting with a prospective new customer sometime this week, and I also have to go in to Cambridge one day. Other than that, it's mainly pre-Xmas loose ends to deal with. And I'll prepare to close the books on my first fiscal year (I'm going with Calendar years, even though I didn't open my doors until March 1). Hopefully I'll remain solidly in the black.

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