Tuesday, December 21, 2004

One question

Last night's game was a Freaky Friday scenario if I ever saw it. Somebody switched Tom Brady and A.J. Feeley - that was obviously Feeley sitting in Brady's head making decisions, and Feeley was possessed by Brady. That's the only rational explanation as to why Feeley was so good, and why Brady sucked so bad.

Although if anyone has any better suggestions, I'm all ears. But right now, if I'm the Pats, I'm really bitter about Ty Poole being forced onto IR, and crossing my fingers taht Ty Law can get back into the lineup before the final week. Because the last few weeks have proven that although Romeo Crennel did a brilliant job patching together a secondary with duct tape and chicken wire, offenses are starting to figure it out. And that won't get you far come playoff time. What the Patriots lack right now is a true shutdown corner - a guy who can go man on the other team's top wideout and take him out of the game. A healthy Ty Law is that corner. Come back soon.

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