Sunday, December 05, 2004

Birthday thoughts

Jane turns the big 4-0 today. Still looks great, though. Unfortunately, she's spent most of the day cooped up in her basement office calling accounts, since her company just started a big sales promo/contest. It's better than Plan A, though - that was for her to go out to Holyoke today. This is a step up.

While she does that, I've been doing stuff with David, and we went out for a little while. I had to go to the office to pick some stuff up for a data recovery job I'm still working on - I'm getting back all the customer's old Exchange data by building a replica of the server and then using Exmerge to extract their old data I saved. I refused to try it on their production server as I felt strongly that it would be a Bad Idea. I won't lose data on my watch. Period. So I'm setting up the new server while David takes a nap.

Yesterday I did the round trip to Nashua twice - once to drop Jane off in the morning, and then the second time to pick her up and go to a birthday party for Rob and Brenda's son Christopher - he's six months older than David. They live near the mall there, so I figured I was better off doing the drive twice than having each of us take a car.

Unrelated thought of the day: I've been watching TNA Wrestling's "Impact" (Fridays on FSN - I TiVo it), and the in-ring product is pretty good. But they've been recycling every failed idea in the history of WCW - including bringing the Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) back to work with Jeff (my daddy runs the company so I get the belt even though I'm a career midcarder) Jarrett. The angle sucks. Nash has lost what little bit of athleticism he had left in his last run a year ago with WWE, and he can't cut a decent promo anymore, either. Hall looks like he managed to give up the booze, but discovered food instead - he's a few cheeseburgers away from giving Viscera a run. It's just sad.

The nice thing TNA's had going for them is wrestling, not this bizarro WCW crud. Get back to wrestling, and leave the soap opera junk to WWE. They've got the people, writers, and production values to get away with some of it at least. And give the darned strap to someone useful and build up some legit heavyweight heels. Jeff Jarrett can always wrestle a decent match and put other guys over just fine. But he won't. Pity. Even Triple H drops his belt once in a while.

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