Thursday, November 18, 2004

Why I've been relatively MIA

A few people have actually gone to the trouble to ask me why I haven't posted a lot over the last week or so. I'm flattered. But here's the answer for you all:

I'm really freaking busy!

Seriously, I am. Not all of it's been billable, but enough has been that I'll be keeping the lights on and the door open for a while yet. This week's featured work for a couple of new customers, an Apple meeting yesterday all afternoon (forcing me to miss the first game of my string at bowling last night - but we won anyway and moved into first place, nyah nyah!), a new customer initial meeting in Boston on Monday, a breakfast with my ex-boss on Tuesday (not super-significant, but Robert wanted me to mention it so here it is), and tomorrow I'm down on the South Shore, probably most of the day.

I may even be doing some work here in town on Saturday - I have to call the customer sometime tomorrow and check. Next week's pretty busy as well, with a project in Cambridge most of Wednesday and possibly a job in Boston Tuesday.

Busy is good. As for everything else, Our health is decent, Jane's job is OK, David is doing well in school but is now afraid of monsters. He has compensated for that on the Karmic Scale by making his first real strides towards the potty - this week he's successfully whizzed in it a couple of times. And our government sucks more than ever.

If I have time this weekend, maybe I'll write some stuff about sports. That might be fun.

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