Monday, November 29, 2004


Jane's crunch time has started - she's going to be pulling 6-day weeks up to Xmas. So today's her token day off right now. I had the little guy all weekend and came up with as much neat stuff as possible to fill the time.

I wound up spotting a Black Friday deal I would try for - a Kodak CX6445 camera (4x optical zoom, 4 megapixel) at Best Buy for $150. But when I got there at 9AM Friday they were long gone. I did, however, get the $10 Ryobi power drill for my office over at the neighboring Home Depot. Better than an electric screwdriver for the price.

As my token sop to the Slashdot crowd, I must say those of you not in the Boston area missed out yesterday. The Movies section had a picture of Natalie Portman on the front page, and she has grown up into an absolutely beautiful woman. The complete opposite of what I am generally attracted to, but I can at least appreciate beauty when I see it.

In a related note, Woodge lust object Jessica Biel was on Letterman a couple of days ago, and she's looking real good, too. My other Letterman observation has nothing to so with hot babes - it's that Barack Obama will eventually be President. But probably not in 2008.

Work is somewhat busy for me at the moment. I'm helping another consultant with a project down on the South Shore, and he's coming up today to build a server for the client with my help. I've been at sites much of the last week or so up before Thanksgiving. This week is slightly more sane overall, but I don't really know how the week will play out. I do think I may have some work this weekend to do for one of my regulars. If so, I'll have to figure out how to make arrangements for David that day.

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