Friday, February 21, 2003

Guilty pleasures

Jane has been watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette series faithfully. The only glitch that this habit caused was that our Tivo decided that we'd like virtually all dating shows as a result. So it records them every chance it gets.

The reason that's a guilty pleasure is because they're actually kind of fun to watch - you can watch an entire episode of Blind Date in about 10 minutes (more or less), and Shipmates has been a particular hoot to watch - though it takes more like 15 minutes per episode.

Of course, the only thing more fun than watching a date that goes well is watching one that goes spectacularly badly. On one episode of Shipmates the couple took turns throwing their drinks at each other, then the girl went after the guy with a steak knife.

Needless to say, the camera crew intervened that time.

My voice is slowly returning to normal after the cold I just had - but that's OK. Jane and the boy didn't get it at all, so I don't mind a little suffering under the circumstances.

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