Monday, December 09, 2002

A whole weekend's worth of partying

We spent the weekend celebrating Jane's birthday in one form or another. Friday night was the fancy "elegant dinner and a movie" night. We went to the Grapevine here in Salem (Jane had a tenderloin that {sob} she had them char to oblivion, I had duck). Then we went to our only movie of 2002, which was My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Yes, it's still playing in the first-run houses. It wasn't bad - I even had a few laughs, but it wasn't my idea of what I'd voluntarily make my only big-screen movie of the year. Oh well. Booboo did OK in our absense, though Jane's friend Liz may have been a little overwhelmed.

Saturday, we did errands and then went out to join Jane's friend Lori and her 2-month old daughter (and much of her family) at a restaurant for Lori's birthday. They did some joint partying, though. We went to a few mall stores afterwards (the resturant was in the mall), and I had to change David's diaper on the floor of the womens' restroom at Chico's while Jane tried on clothes out in the store. It, too, was amusing.

Today I was reading to him from a book showing him all the animals (well, about 10 of them). When I turned to the page for "cat", I said the word - he looked at the page, and then turned to his side to look at Gracie. He smiled.

I think I may have a Super Genius Boy on my hands, just like Woodge does. Though mine has a slightly smaller head, proportionately.

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