Friday, December 13, 2002

Crud. Looks like I killed another one.

And now, DirecTV DSL is shutting down. I've killed yet another DSL ISP. Here's my recent ISP history:

Late 1998-Late 2000: Flashcom. They rocked at first, and started fading fast as they ran out of money. A couple of weeks before they croaked, I jumped ship to:

Late 2000 - Spring 2001: XO. I had their SOHO package, which was pretty nice. It was through NorthPoint, though, and when NorthPoint went to the Great Beyond (and XO, rather than changing CLECs, discontinued my product) I jumped ship to:

April 2001-February 2002: AT&T Broadband. They changed names twice while I was on it, and started getting explicitly server-unfriendly. So I went back to DSL, since the now dying DirecTV Internet could give me a static IP.

DirecTV was great - I was able to get decent speeds, OK support, good reliability, and at a reasonable price. I got one of my employees signed up, and we just put a telecommuter on it a couple of weeks ago.

So I just signed up tonight with Speakeasy. I really hope that wasn't the kiss of death for them, too.

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