Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Quoth The Rock, "Know your role!"

In the last few days, I have learned my role.

It's to change diapers. I'm real good at that. I can do a change quickly, cleanly, and I can avoid letting him hose down the room while I'm changing him. However, he doesn't like when I feed him - despite my best efforts to feed him slowly and burp out the air, I'm almost always the one who gets greeted with a big, Vesuvius-like fountain of molten formula (and soy formulas reek, big-time!). Jane has the knack for feeding and burping, luckily, so he isn't starving.

I do have one other parenting skill, though - the Daddy Trick. I think every daddy has someting similar, but basically if I lie down and put him face-down on my chest, he'll fall asleep in a couple of minutes.

Darn near guaranteed.

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