Saturday, July 20, 2002

Oh my, that was spectacular!

I got up at about 5:30 to feed David. As mentioned previously, we're making him about 6 oz. worth of food, so he started out by gulping down about 2 oz. Then I worked on him until I got a few hearty burps. I picked him up and went into my room with him, so I could read the headlines for the day on my Mac while feeding him.

When I do that, he likes to lie stretched out on my chest and that works out well, because I can feed him with one hand and mouse with the other. Multitasking!

Anyhow, he guzzled about another 3 oz., then as he slowed down I started to put my hand on him in preparation to hoist and burp him again. He spit up a little, but then:

All the gas came up. Along with most of the previous 5 oz. of formula. In a fountain.

He soaked my bathrobe, his bib, his outfit, the floor, my wristrest, and the cheap USB keyboard I have on my PowerBook (hence the Apple icon for this entry!). It was impressive, to say the least.

With Jane's help, we got him cleaned up and after successfully getting the last ounce or so into him, he's sleeping off the aftershocks right now. And I've been doing laundry for the last hour since my robe needed it and we filled his hamper with everything. The keyboard may be salvageable. It's been opened and cleaned.

Lesson learned today: burp him more often, no matter how fast he wants to eat. Wow. And keep a healthy distance from your PowerBook when feeding. If you must sit at a computer, sit at one of the cheap ones. That was too close for comfort!

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