Sunday, February 29, 2004

Tomorrow morning's plan

I still have to bring a monitor over to the office, and there's a couple of things I got at Home Depot this afternoon in the car already. I left the hand truck out there to make things easier.

Finally found a coat rack that would be suitable (and cheap!), but the Salem Target was out of them. I'll try Danvers on my way over in the morning - I'll just leave a little earlier to do it. The game plan is to get in by about 8:45 or so, then finish setting up things. I have to rig up my system for getting cabling up to the projector (I have a creative solution involving adhesive-backed plastic conduit and a Belkin powerstrip), finish setting up the client PCs, and call the desk manufacturer to get the missing part for the unfinished desk.

Then I have to try and start making money. After the last few days of working, I think that may be the easy part!

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