Sunday, February 08, 2004

Pure, reeking wrongness

I won't name names, but my former employer struck a deal with another company that competed with them in one particular business area that they are no longer in. This deal allowed them to withdraw from that particular business area with some measure of dignity.

As part of the deal, all the (then) employees of my former employer were told that the company they made the deal with would be eager to hire many of my former co-workers - that in order to service the new business they would be adding staff, and people from my former employer would be given preference.

Well, it is almost nine months from the date of that announcement. Many people are gone from my former employer now. I know two people (total) who have had interviews with said company. How many of my former co-workers have been hired there?


Was this obvious? Yes.

Do some companies lie? Only when they speak.

Did this affect me, personally? No. I was never a particular candidate for employment with them. They have had no open jobs suitable for me, though my resume had been sent over there anyway by my former boss.

But a lot of people I know, like, and respect had hopes of being able to continue their careers with the other company. And as far as I know, they've all gotten diddly.

That's just Wrong.

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