Monday, February 16, 2004

That's a little better

Jane's still a little under the weather, but at least we got some rest last night. That helped both of us a lot. David slept until almost 10 this morning (13 hours!), and was still a little punchy and moody when he woke up. I was upstairs, working on business card designs most of the morning while he and Jane were downstairs. Come lunchtime, he whined a lot over his meal.

Then I headed down around 1-ish to eat and entertain him. But by that time, he was staggering like a drunk. He started to crawl around me in circles, giggling while I got my lunch ready, and then he stood up to grab me, took one step forward, then toppled over sideways and clonked his noggin on the floor.

Needless to say, he was a little peturbed by that. I calmed him down and took him up for a nap, and after waking around 5 or so, he's finally back to normal.

Days without naps cause these problems for him while he catches up.

Meanwhile, I wound up designing a logo (it's pretty slick), and I brought the whole bundle over to Kinko's for printing. One day for the proof, and one additional day for the prints, so we're looking at Wednesday afternoon for cards. I'll adapt it for some letterhead after I move in.

The local Kinko's is in Peabody, in a strip mall I call Pop Culture Central. It has, from left to right, Starbucks, Newbury Comics, Blockbuster, and Kinko's. That satisfies virtually all the Gen X needs.

Newbury Comics is a wonderful example of how a business can adapt to changing times over an extended period. They started about 25 years ago as a comic book store, expanded into music with the CD revolution in the '80s, and now they focus on high-margin pop culture artifacts and collectibles. It's pretty much the Wal-Mart of alternative.

Blockbuster, of course, is still the market leader in delivering (pr0n-free) media as atoms (as opposed to bits), Starbucks dominates caffeine culture, and Kinko's moved up from a cut-rate callege copy shop to a national small-business focused service center. Quite the impressive little retail center, indeed.

My projector arrived today - the ceiling mount should come later in the week. It's a smaller unit (the Sharp PG-A10X) than I expected.

Tomorrow's project is to resolve the question of OEM vs. Open License for my PC's, which will help me decide which vendor to go with. Then I'll order the PC's.

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