Sunday, February 15, 2004

Weekend fun

In business developments, I shopped for office furniture (I found the desks for the training lab), and bought a phone system and a UPS for the server. I also had to get another one for the house, because my oldest one died last night. Well, technically it was this past morning. At about 7AM.

Which really sucked because I had virtually no sleep yesterday - Jane's got a cough so it was my turn to up and head downstairs last night. I was not attacked by any cats, but I still couldn't sleep very well. I finally was up for good at around 6:30 in the morning, right when the first light lit up the living room. But I did doze off again after going upstairs (she was asleep so I slipped into bed), but then the aforementioned UPS failure woke me up again. After fixing that, I did get to sleep until almost 10, when the phone rang.

The day was mostly spent with our friends Mary and Greg, and their two kids. Then Greg and I left for awhile to go take care of an on-call work problem of his, and to go office furniture hunting. All the purchases I mentioned above were bought on that run. Afterwards, we all had dinner here - I cooked shrimp scampi (we made mac & cheese for the kids), and Mary was sous-chef. None of the kids napped at all today, so David went down hard around 8:45 tonight.

The new UPS, by the way, is a 1kVA unit. Nice.

Tomorrow is designated a rest day.

Meanwhile, I have a word of book advice. Normally, I'm a big fan of Kinky Friedman's mystery novels (featuring a detective who, not so coincidentally, is the Kinkster himself, with characters out of his real life). His latest looked promising, entitled Kill Two Birds and get Stoned. It does not star the Kinkster in the lead role. This one, however, I never really could get into, and I returned it to the library after only about 30 pages. It wasn't bad - it just wasn't what I'm looking for from said Kinkster.

I am now working on Mark Kurlansky's Salt, a history of mankind's involvement with said substance. I have two more on deck, which I will struggle to complete in the next week or so before business becomes my full-time concern once again.

And hopefully tonight the sleep thing will work out better. Wish me luck...

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