Friday, February 20, 2004


Reams of it. But I now have business cards and an EIN - one thing nice about Kinko's is that they give you the file they used to build your cards on a CD so you can easily have them re-done (or modified). I'm filling out all sorts of legal gobbledygook having to do with my lease, and I'm still waiting on my commercial policy to be finished so I can take the keys and move in. That's the most frustrating delay of all right now.

The other delay is that even though my business' incorporation papers are filed, completed and processed, it hasn't appeared in the state's database yet for lookup. So I can't open my bank account yet, either. Also, my rep at CDW was out sick today so I have to wait for Monday to order my laser printer and MS Office Open Licenses.

So here's the scorecard:
Complete - systems ordered, lease, projector, UPS, router, phone service, phone system, broadband circuit, business cards, incorporation (kinda - see above), signage, labeler.
In the works - Insurance, furniture, promotional flyer, projector screen.
Can't do until next week - Insurance, ordering support gear, delivery, setup.

Opening day is (hopefully) March 1st, and I'll be busting my hump from Friday on trying to make that happen. I have some friends helping me out with setup, and Jane is in charge of decoration.

David's napping right now after a furiously active morning. He's been getting more verbal lately (if that's even possible), and he's fond of running in circles until he gets dizzy. Gracie is also fully back to her usual self after her dental surgery a week and a half ago.

I think I need a nap.

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