Thursday, February 26, 2004

T -1 (and counting...)

In today's developments...

I picked up the keys to the office mid-day today. Staples had tried to deliver my stuff yesterday, but I wasn't in yet (I'd told them that in the order - they goofed). However, someone from Cummings let them in to drop it all off. The rest will come tomorrow. Also, my corporate filing became official today, so I can now open a bank account. Handy.

As I'd mentioned, the Dell desktops are in my dining room. The laptop shipped today. Everything else is in my office upstairs here in the house. I still need to buy a network switch and a whiteboard.

Tomorrow, I head over first thing. I'll bring a book to occupy some time while I wait on deliveries and phone service. My friend Greg and I will be doing setup all day Saturday.

While I was out tonight (it's bowling night), I headed over to the mall in search of an end table. Found a decent one at Target. I'm debating a coffeemaker, and will probably get one as soon as some traing sessions are firmly on the schedule.

There will definitely be a couple of beers stashed in the minifridge. Because I'm the boss.

As of Monday, folks - call your friends and tell them that there's another good IT guy out there who's hung out a shingle! And then give them my web address and phone number. It's bidnesstime!

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