Monday, February 02, 2004

One of those days

I went into town today to pay my (newly increased) property tax bill, figuring I'd get my updated assessment while I was there. So I parked at one of the downtown lots, fed the meter, and went to City Hall. Took care of business (grumble), went walking a little, and stopped at the smoke shop to buy the newspapers. I bought a $2 scratch ticket while I was there, and won my $2 back.

Then, because I had a little time to kill, wandered into a couple of other shops, and then cashed my ticket in for another ticket. Which lost, of course. So the hour was ending, and I went back to my car...

Which had just gotten ticketed for $10. My meter had run out literally about a minute earlier.

That sucks in still incomprehensible ways on multiple levels.

The good news is that I dodn't have to wait for MacOS X 10.3.3 - Safari 1.2 was released today, in addition to a new Java build (1.4.2). So that's a good thing. Still no proper support for self-signed certificates, though, but SSL performance seems much improved.

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