Friday, February 13, 2004

Startup steps

Yesterday, I met with a potential training customer and toured the office. It's almost built already. I also got a phone number for the office, and started shopping for broadband service.

Today, I went for another quote for insurance coverage (my regular agent will have something for me early next week), signed all my incorporation papers (I'm going as an S Corp), and ordered the projector for the training lab.

Next week, I'll get my tax ID (that can be assigned as soon as my incorporation papers come back from the state), open a business bank account, and start moving equipment in - which I can do as soon as I have an insurance binder.

On a nice note, my credit card took the precaution of calling me today to make sure that I was legitimately ordering the projector, which I appreciated on their part.

I'll go get business cards made this weekend, now that I have a phone number (soon to be posted on the website).

In our home life, Gracie wound up having 5 teeth extracted this past Monday, by the way. But she's in much better shape now, and the vet didn't go nutty with the bill - that helps, too.

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