Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Random Dude (and other) thoughts...

On Friday, I put David down for a nap in his crib - on his back. Jane went in a while later, and he was lying on his chest. This is a Good Thing. He'll be crawling in about another day or so (it seems).

Another quality bit of entertainment - Jane and I were watching wrestling Monday night, while David was playing in his exersaucer. Just for the heck of it, we started making Ric Flair's "Whooo!" noises at him.

So he shrieked back at us each time we did it. Afterwards, he'd giggle. I think he's smarter than he's letting on.

Sad news from the entertainment world: The greatest band in the world has called it quits. I am sad. I also never got to see them live, unfortunately.

One other unrelated thing: The brined turkey recipe I got from Good Eats came out really nice. However, even a 12-pound turkey is huge when you only are feeding 6 people. I'm still eating turkey sandwiches. However, the sandwiches are good - just toast a couple of pieces of brown bread, slap on a little mayo, and stuff with turkey. Lettuce is optional. Yum.

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