Sunday, August 17, 2008

First day on the Rock

My tech-support life is still in full swing.  Although I didn't turn my computer on for the first day and a half I was here, I wound up still providing support on short notice anyways.

This afternoon, we went to go see a lecture and slideshow by Peter Simon (Carly's brother, and a well-regarded photographer) at the gallery in downtown Vineyard Haven he shares with his wife.  The talk was fascinating, but when he was trying to get the projector going it wasn't treating him well.  Jane volunteered me to help out, and I was able to get it taken care of quick and easy.  He had Vista, and it wasn't properly identifying the projector's refresh capability.  I fixed it, and upped the resolution to 1024x768 while I was at it.  The show went off without a hitch.

And we got a nice signed calendar for 2009 in the process.

Other than that, the house is nice, the island is great as always, and I wish I could afford to buy a house here.