Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Teh Snappy is back!

iPhone 2.01 software was dropped upon us late yesterday - after updating, it seems to restore a lot of the response performance that vanished under the initial 2.0 release. Hopefully they improved RF performance somewhat as well. We shall see once I take it on the road today...

Last weekend was a blur of music, downpours, and no sleep. We started out with a free show by Entrain on Friday night as part of the annual Seaport Festival here (terrific show, lots of fun). Then Saturday David went off in the afternoon with a babysitter while we went to the Springsteen concert in Foxboro. We also did some shopping for a sofa (our 6-year-old set is falling apart) and
though the show was good, it wasn't great. Plus we got clobbered by a storm as we arrived there, which wound up pushing the show start back an hour and a half. And because of Foxboro's noise curfew we wound up with a show that was shorter than he usually plays.

Sunday there was one more show we could see - my web designer also plays with Boston when they go off on their relatively rare tours (hence the day job with me). We were on the guest list for their Sunday night show, but we'd just plain been music'ed out at that point. I'm told we missed a great show by my other employees who were there. Rats.

Instead we went up to Kittery for back-to-school shopping for David, and fought a torrential thunderstorm the whole way. Not to mention we arrived exactly two minutes too late for lunch at Flo's. When they say they close at 3, they mean it.

Shoulda gone to the show instead!

I'm writing a more technical piece right now for the BNUG blog to try and help put some more life in it - should be posted in a day or so. It's about netbooks.