Monday, September 01, 2008

Where did summer go?

Just wondering.  Vacation was nice, and then I worked an abbreviated week last week - we went to join my parents and my sister's family down in Chatham for two days at the end of the week.  It was hectic, but the beach there was nice and thanks to an unexpected contest victory by Jane (she won a Cape Cod vacation package from NECN), we got to spend our first night together ever without our son.  Albeit over an hour away in Falmouth, but it was still kind of a neat experience if a brief one.

I've had some interesting churn on the business side - a couple of clients have gone away but there's been more than enough new business lately to compensate and then some.  Now that Gary's back from his tour we'll be upgrading the company site significantly and adding a technical blog for the clients, and that will be a nice service we can provide.

It remains a challenge to make sure that all the work can be done to my methodology and satisfaction - that's the single most difficult part of running a service business.  I hire pretty good people, but I'm the single person I trust the most to do almost anything.  Makes it a little tough to keep on top of things.

David starts 1st grade on Wednesday.  Wow.  He had a good summer, I think - spent a lot of time swimming, had ample play dates with friends, and now that Jane has departed from her job if all goes well she can be a lot more involved in his school life.  That can only be good. 

Sorry for the relatively disjointed update tonight...  If Sarah Palin doesn't drop out in the next couple of days I'll eviscerate her candidacy then.