Saturday, December 17, 2005

One less reason to listen to the radio

Air America cancelled "Morning Sedition", which was, in my opinion, the best morning show left on radio. Growing up in the New York area, you were either a Stern guy or an Imus guy, and I was an Imus guy so Stern's never been an option for me. And Imus has lost his edge entirely, so I don't really listen to him anymore. All the other local morning folks are paleolithic right-wingers, so listening to them only pisses me off. Morning Sedition was perfect - the hosts played well off one another, the interviews were well-done, and the comedy bits were either funny funny or stupid funny - either way, I'd laugh at them.

Of course, since I like it the show had to go. Now the only things I have to listen to outside of sports talk are Stephanie Miller and Al Franken (and Franken isn't as good without Katherine Lanpher as his co-host). The only bright spot is that Mike Adams (who has deserved a full-time radio gig for years), finally got the nighttime spot vacated by the excruciating Ted Sarandis (good riddance!).

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