Sunday, August 15, 2004

Standing down

As I mentioned in the prior post, I had way too busy a schedule for the last 9+ days. So I was happy to find out this morning that Charley had run out of steam before raining on us overnight - and there were no leaks and no damage to repair. So the major project du jour was a thorough cleaning of the house. I washed all the bedding (including the mattress pads and comforter), vacuumed the house, and swiffered all the areas under furniture and radiators. Jane mopped the downstairs and the upstairs hallways. It was simple, but sweaty work, and about all I was up to today. Fortunately, David was a little more cooperative today overall, though he was a handful again at naptime.

Things should be great again by this time next year. He's beginning to Get It when you try to rationalize something to him, and that's the biggest step in creating a human being from a toddler.

Tomorrow is a medium-busy day. I have a sales appointment at 9:30, and then I will be doing work back in the office the rest of the day. If all goes well, I may take a mental health day later in the week. Despite the exercise I've been getting and my improved overall health, I feel pretty cruddy right now, and it's all because of how hard I've been driving myself. A good day with my mind turned off should help.

I also need to tune up my golf game some - my driving's been erratic as heck and I haven't even played anywhere but the local muni yet this season. Not even a trip to the range so far.

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