Saturday, December 06, 2003

We had a "duh" moment today

As most of the US is aware, we're getting socked by a nor'easter today that's dumped quite a bit of snow on us already and won't finish until sometime tomorrow. That's fine and dandy - we really don't have anything to do this weekend.

However, this morning I needed to go down to the nearby grocery store (a short walk from here) to pick up more milk for David and the paper. One problem. It seems that there's a really good chance we accidentally tossed out all our boots sometime this summer - probably when we were cleaning up the house for the move that wasn't. A pain for me (I'm just out one pair of LL Bean boots and a pair of cruddy hiking boots), but a catastrophe for Jane - she is missing at least four pair of boots and maybe more. Of course, I only need one pair of boots to her fifty, but that's because I'm a guy.

So I trudged down there in some old waterproof shoes to get by for now, and I'll get another pair of Bean shoes if they are, in fact, toast. If I need high tops over the next day or two, I can always use my old motorcycle boots. Jane has no such alternative.

We went out last night with friends for Jane's birhday last night and had a nice few hours. David stayed with their babysitter at their house, and was not pleased with the experience - though he perked up once we went back to their house. Poor guy. We were at dinner when our friend's phone rang - I turned to Jane and said "It's David". Yep. It was just the babysitter asking if we had any good tricks to make him happier available to try. In the background, he was whining "mama,dada,mama,dada" which he does when he's stressed. Jane gave her a couple of tips and I am told he was a little better afterwards.

We got home minutes before the storm started in earnest.

Random MacOX X comment of the day: Expose is a terrific window-management tool. But the default keys conflict with my favorite command-line tool, which is mc. So I had to remap the Expose keys to F11, F12, and F13.

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