Monday, December 29, 2003

Nice trip, but...

We came back from Connecticut around 1:30 or so yesterday, and promptly settled back into the routine (and a lot of laundry!). Unfortunately, I brought a nasty cold back with me - the kind that settles into my lungs for a secondary infection and leaves me barking like a seal periodically. I'm a little more vulnerable to the lung problem than most, thanks to a bad encounter with flu about five years ago that left some permanent damage behind.

My doctor had time for me this afternoon, so I'm already on the appropriate drugs to fix things up. That's good. The prescription is pretty simple - plenty of rest, lots of fluids, antibiotics (for the lungs), and the heavy-duty cough syrup to let me get said rest.

Fortunately, it's not The Dreaded Killer Flu. Jane missed it this time, it seems, and David got his usual version - a slightly runny nose for a couple of days.

Other than that, we had a great time down in Connecticut. We got to see some of our friends who we rarely see and their families, we went out for an Adult Dinner with Scott and Phyllis on Saturday, and we had a belated Xmas day on Friday (my sister had to work Thursday) with the family. David scored quite well, and we didn't do too bad, either.

I'm taking advantage of the rest requirement to read a few books I've been putting off.

In other news, I discovered a Safari bug in how it handles certain pop-up requests (instead of killing the pop-up, it closes the page window). I've figured out why it works correctly in Gecko-based browsers, now I'm trying to track down why Safari barfs on it. And I think my PowerBook's battery isn't long for this world. After running for a little over an hour, it goes from an estimate of 80% full to zero in roughly five seconds. It may be a cell that's gotten flaky after two years of use.

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