Monday, December 01, 2003

Today's randomness

About a month ago, I bought a bag of reduced-fat Oreos on impulse. We hadn't had cookies in the house in a while, and I figured I'd buy those and be good.

Well, there's a good reason they're useful to dieters. They suck. Badly. They taste like stale cardboard.

So we replaced them with regular old Double Stuf Oreos, and all was well again. That may have not been the wisest decision from a weight-loss perspective, but our taste buds were crying to be treated with respect. Besides, they were on sale.

Mitel is discontinuing the e-Smith project, since RedHat is getting out of the distro business (RedHat is the base distro for e-Smith). It's in the process of being picked up by the e-Smith developer community, and I volunteered to work on documentation, since I know the system real well and can write docs. Meanwhile, they're about to release the "final" version, version 6. I have it on my test server and I'm working to see if I can properly integrate SpamAssassin with it. If so, I'll update my 5.6 production server soon.

Finally, the latest David development notes. Now, if he wants a book read to him, he'll go grab it, bring it over to you, and demand "Book!". Then if he wants to get on the sofa with you as well he'll give you a loud "Up!". Needless to say, this is cool. Last night, in between book readings he sat with us while we watched last week's "Queer Eye" on TiVo. I figured something out. I'd said before how much he loves the high-speed "load out" scenes in Trading Spaces. Well, it's not just that. He loves any sort of high-speed motion combined with music. When Thom was redecorating in a blur, he was boogieing big-time.

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