Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yes, as usual I am working my @$$ off...

Meanwhile, though, I did spend some time looking into the latest Apple announcements. I lust for both Intel Core Duo-based Macs (iMac and MacBook Pro), with one slight caveat. With my current PowerBook G4, I rely heavily on a CardBus EV/DO card from Verizon Wireless. Along with my Treo, it's how I can actually function on the road. And Apple's moved over to the new ExpressCard/34 form factor (a mobile version of PCI Express, essentially). The two cards are non-compatible, unlike with the PC Card/CardBus transition.

Fortunately, Verizon has said that they expect to be selling an ExpressCard/34-based version of the Sierra Wireless AirCard pretty soon. At which point I'll give the MacBook Pro a serious look. Now, we just need VMware to support the MacIntels as well and Apple could have a serious chance to make Dell their bitch.

One other nice thing out of the announcement - unlike in the original plans for Rosetta (the PPC emulation technology Apple's using in the new Intel Macs), the production version of Rosetta now apparently supports Altivec instructions. Meaning a lot more PPC software will now run effectively on the new Macs. Sweet.

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