Saturday, January 14, 2006

Not looking good...

As I write this, there are 11 minutes left in the 4th quarter, and the Pats trail by 11. The calls just are not going the right way tonight, turnovers have really hurt, and a huge blown pass interference call in the second quarter gave the Broncos a huge break. Last year, Ben Watson catching up to Champ Bailey would have resulted in a touchback. This year, it was ruled out of bounds at the 1, and they scored on the next play. Last year, no way would a punt runback be fumbled.

This year, Troy Brown couldn't hang on to a punt just now and after four turnovers (all leading to Denver scores), it's probably over. Adam Vinatieri even missed a field goal. That never happens in the postseason. It was a nice run, but it looks like the dynasty is, at minimum, in a years' hiatus. 24-6. I'd love to write tomorrow and issue a mea culpa, but now I think it's bedtime...

The only plus to a Super Bowl without the Patriots in it is that I don't have to focus on every play. Not much consolation.

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