Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Wrestling news

I may have to go over to my friend's house this Sunday for Wrestlemania. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, my all-time favorite from the Good Old Days, if supposedly going to be in the corner for Rock and Mick Foley in their match. With the Rock and Sock Connection going up against Randy Orton, Batista, and ultimate legend Ric Flair (who can still work a great match with a broom if need be), it'll be worth the price of admission for that alone if they give the match the 1/2 hour or more it deserves. My prediction: Flair's team (Evolution) loses the match in order to blow off the Orton/Foley feud that's been brewing for the last few months. But they can still get over big while losing due to outside interference or something of the sort that backfires on them - Rock is just making a one-time appearance in between movies and Foley is only doing the occasional spot to help other wrestlers get over now. But the fans'll riot without a Rock/Foley win so that'll probably happen.

Also, I missed it (no radio here at work), but Dale Arnold had John Cena on the "Dale and Neumy" show yesterday on WEEI. From the report I read, Cena was pretty good in the interview. Since he's a local guy and Dale's a wrestling fan they completely broke kayfabe, but that's cool by me. Cena's got loads of potential and is probably the next big breakout star they have. It's amazing to think that he's only been up with the organization for less than two years.

Oh yeah, one other thing. Johnny Blaze or Johnnie Spade - whatever you call him, the kid's got personality.

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