Saturday, March 20, 2004


The cold is almost gone for Jane and I. David is fully operational again.

Meanwhile, I had to get up early this morning to go teach my Linux intro class for a room full of rabid BNUG members. The biggest challenge was modulating my rather frayed voice without benefit of amplification. I believe the session went pretty well - but I didn't stick around the rest of the day to find out. Other than a brief trip out to go get library books and mail our tax returns, I've been drifting between pointless activity and light napping all afternoon. Jane took David out with a friend and her son of similar age to some kid's function a few towns away.

The fun part at the end of a cold is the way your sinuses seem to yield truly massive amounts of nasty stuff. And you wonder where there was room for it all. Humans must have smaller brains than we think we have - it's the only logical explanation.

My first newspaper ads start hitting the street next week. Initially, I'm running for three consecutive weeks and we'll gauge response from there to determine what, if any, frequency I'll run with in the future. Jane also spent most of yesterday out pounding the pavement on my behalf. She's a far more effective salesman than I am - I wish I could afford her full-time.

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