Wednesday, March 17, 2004

How's your news?

Went to the Smackdown taping last night - OK, not the best live show I've seen. The roof blew off the Garden for John Cena's opening performance, and the hybrid Undertaker (he's still pretty much BikerTaker in his look, but he added his old leather duster and wide-brimmed hat, and Paul Bearer is back as his assistant) got the place jumping at the end. The Mysterio/Guerrero title match was pretty good, too. Unfortunately, all the heat was sucked from the crowd by a "gauntlet" series of matches with Haas, Benjamin, Billy Gunn, Rey, and the Big Show. Opening up a singles series in that order basically guaranteed the crowd would be dead by the time Rey came out. Good pop for Cena again, though, who came out and interfered with the Rey/Show final match (the only practical way to set up a Mysterio win - Rey is barely 5'4", while Show is a little over 7').

We have snow up here right now - last night's drive was interesting, but not too bad. Coming home was slipperier, but there was no traffic out there so it was easy driving. It's fading away now into a flurry.

David's still got the cold, as do we. But he's definitely on the downside of it at this point. I'm not too bad, though my sinuses are kinda clogged up. I sound like Sonny Bono, except unlike him I'm not dead.

Today's a coffee day. Yes indeed. And I'll go to bed pretty early tonight, too. That should just about take care of things. But I'll watch last night's TiVo'd episode of Queer Eye first.

I'm a little concerned with my office DSL service. I was down for a day over last weekend due to an XO outage upstream, and yesterday my service died again around 1PM. Turned out to be a bad line card in the building DSLAM - they moved me to another port and all is now well. But the trend has not been what I like to see.

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