Sunday, March 21, 2004

Gift of gab

David's begun using simple sentences and phrases now. For instance, I took him out this morning while Jane showered, and we went to a bakery over in Peabody to get some goodies. He was pointing at stuff in the showcase that he thought was neat, so I indulged him and bought a small box of a dozen cookies (two of which were hamentashen for me, but I digress). We gave him a few today. Tonight, after dinner and before bedtime we decided to let him have a treat. So Jane took him into the kitchen and let him pick one - he grabbed a purple one and went around telling everyone (that would be Jane, Gracie, and I) that it was his "purple cookie".

He also answers questions with "yes" and "no". If you ask him if he wants or likes something he'll actually answer you. And he says "hi" a lot on his imaginary phones. He'll give it to you to talk if you ask him nicely.

Today, I wrote to the Fab Five for advice. On last week's Queer Eye, Kyan gave the straight man a razor that was designed for people with curly facial hair (the straight man was black, so it applied to him). Well, I want one for myself - ingrown hairs are a major reason why I detest shaving and prefer growing beards. That and a weak chin (thanks, mom). An optimized razor can't solve the weak chin, but it can help with ingrown hair.

Other than that, it was a low-key ending to the weekend. We assembled the Big Boy Bed for David, but so far Gracie likes it best. We'll try getting him to nap in it this week. We also did a little housecleaning and the like. And finished resting our colds away.

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