Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Today's tale of woe

This is no biggie, though. A while back I cleaned out my room and re-organized everything. When I do that, invariably a couple of things go missing. This time it appears to have been the AC adapter for my Palm (not the biggest of deals - I use my iPaq more, and besides, I have a USB charger cable I can use), and my copy of Warren Zevon's last album, "The Wind". The Zevon album was already ripped to iTunes, so I can live without it (heck, I can always re-burn the disc from the AAC files if I want), but I'd like to locate it. I probably filed it with some of my software CD's.

I guess that's not a lot of woe. Sorry to disappoint...

We were going to go out for some stuff mid-day, but with procrastinating and such we won't be doing it until this evening. David has his 18-month checkup in about an hour, and then it'll be straight down for a nap. So no going out until later. I will post the 18-month stats after we get home later.

We're both feeling much better, tummy-wise. Jane's worst day was yesterday - mine was Monday. So we could take care of each other. Even Gracie had a tummy problem this week. Of course, David didn't catch anything at all. He never does. Ever. It's freakishly weird how healthy he always is.

I'm debating whether or not to bother going to my 20th high school reunion next year (I got a card in the mail about it a few weeks ago). I had fun going to my 10th, but I'm not sure I want to bother this time.

Finally, a word on modern computer games. It's annoying enough that games are so big that they require multiple CD's to install and often require keycodes. Why do they have to copy-protect them so that I have to insert the CD to play them, too?

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