Monday, December 08, 2003

Final note for the day

In trying to create the previous post, I screwed up my Blogspot settings somehow. I'd never tried doing an image upload before.

So anyhow, the bottom line is that I could log in to my Blogspot site through FTP on the command line, and I could use Cyberduck (a GUI FTP/SFTP browser), but Blogger couldn't handle it, even though I'd reset everything manually. I was getting a bad login error when Blogger tried to upload the published file. So I dashed off a support note to the folks at Blogger asking how to fix it.

Meanwhile, I logged in again through IE (still on the Mac), and found I could use the fancy Blogger GUI - Safari only gives me the LoFi interface. While I was there, I re-did my settings one more time, using IE and the fancy Blogger GUI. It worked fine and uploaded.

So I may have uncovered a Safari bug, in that the FTP ID/Password combo wasn't being saved properly using Safari and the Blogger LoFi interface. Once I fixed it in IE, I can use Safari to manage my posts and enter new posts again - it was just that Safari wasn't sending it to Blogger properly.

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