Thursday, December 18, 2003


Last night, I converted.

Not to or from any religion per se, but I went native. I've been using Microsoft Entourage as my e-mail client/contacts manager for many years now, first in OS 9, and nowadays in OS X. I use PocketMac to sync with my iPaq, which has worked pretty well.

But I've longed to use iSync to the fullest, and there is no connection for iSync to talk to Entourage. So last night I bit the bullet and converted. After about an hours' work, I migrated all my data to Apple's Mail, Address Book, and iCal applications from Entourage, then I changed over PocketMac to use the different data sources. I had to manually address two parts of the conversion - first off, I had to re-designate my groups in Address Book (the conversion didn't preserve those automatically), which gave me an excuse to clean it up somewhat. Then, I had to manually copy over each of my 47 different .sig files, which wasn't too bad. Finally, I re-shuffled everything in the Dock for easier access. Settling into the new environment has been pretty easy so far - there's something to be said for using several small programs instead of one monolithic one.

The best thing I get out of this is better spam filtering in Mail for the stuff that sneaks through my server traps. Entourage isn't trainable, Mail is.

In other news, there really isn't any. I got my 401(k) moved over to a rollover IRA this week, and David pooped in the tub the other night. He thought it was quite funny. Not a lot of fight in him lately when we put him down to sleep - we're trying to wear him out as best as possible beforehand, and it helps.

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