Monday, June 09, 2008

WWDC predictions

Although Blogger lets me change times, this is actually being posted at about 10:30 EDT on June 9th - 2.5 hours before the Jobs keynote at WWDC. I wrote this for a client last week and I figured now I'd share it:

Here's what I'm expecting to see announced in order of likelihood:

iPhone hardware 2.0: 100%. New phone, with 3g and GPS support, maybe video calling as well. I think they will add AT&T's OTA TV service as well.

iPhone software 2.0: 100%. Same software as on new phone, but minus the features that depend on new hardware (like video, GPS, and 3g radio stuff).

.Mac goes away, replaced with "Mobile Me" service: 98%. It'll support Exchange-like features for regular users and have new stuff over .Mac. It'll probably be announced and then live in a week or so, when 10.5.4 is released.

Preannounce Mac OS 10.6, shipping sometime next year: 75%. I think they'll announce it since Leopard's now about 9 months old. They'll try and ship it in January, and it'll be Intel-only.

New hardware of any sort: 50%. I don't think there's any major stuff from Intel that warrants an announcement next week. Maybe the mini will get an update, but I think that isn't worth announcing at the conference.

"One more thing..." - 50%. Steve likes to pull surprises out of his sleeve. But he does it more often at MacWorld than at WWDC.