Monday, June 09, 2008

How did I do?

So WWDC has begun, the keynote is over, and we've got a slew of stuff. How did I do on my guesses?

iPhone 2.0 - yep, nailed that. It'll be called the iPhone 3g, and the pricing plans will change a little - along with more traditional carrier subsidies coming along. No more activation at home? Epic Fail. Simultaneous voice and data? Win.

iPhone software 2.0 - Win. Got that.

Mobile Me? - Got it, upgrade done, same price as .Mac.

10.6? Say hello to "Snow Leopard", due in "about a year". Minor improvements to Leopard (hence the name as a derivative), but smaller size, better performance, and more stability. Haven't seen yet if it's x86-only or not.

No new hardware, no new surprises.

The only place I seriously missed was timing - I expected the iPhone 2 to be available this week, but it will be in-stores on 7/11. And I wouldn't be surprised to see a minor hardware tweak or two tomorrow (Tuesday is traditionally New Hardware Day at Apple). The other alternative is that they may do weekly updates of products from now until the week of 7/11 in order to keep the drums beating.