Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Beginning the Comeback

I'm back (for the moment). Last week I finally finished the big project that occupied virtually all of July and now I'm starting to emerge from the fog it left me in. Hooray. So where was I a week and a half ago? Oh yeah - waiting for the iPhone update. Well, it came out last Monday and sure enough, it fixed virtually everything that was initially wrong with the phone. Still no MMS, still no copy/paste, but otherwise pretty darned complete. It'll be nice to see what they start adding - they already somehow added a feature yesterday that allowed .Mac publishing from the photo/camera app. It must have been timebombed to appear yesterday after the Apple announcements.

Which, by the way, were worthy stuff. The new iPhoto has a very spiffy interface that takes full advantage of CoreGraphics, iMovie's had a radical makeover, and the other iApps have gotten new goodies and facelifts. iWork now has a spreadsheet, Pages can do revision tracking and supports Office 2007's file format, and Keynote got some more graphic goodies. If Pages could save natively in .doc format (instead of exporting) I'd have most of my clients switch suites (especially since Office 2008 for Mac has been delayed to January). As it is, I'm still interested in using iWork more.

The new iMacs are spiffy - they contain exactly what I expected them to (Intel=no major specification surprises anymore) but the look got prettied up and now looks kinda iPhone-influenced. The mini got some love with a Core2 upgrade, there's no more $999 box (not the greatest move, but my guess is the $999 iMac was so crippled it sold poorly), but best of all the Mac Pro and Xserve now have hardware RAID available and the AirPort Extreme now has GigE support. Spiffy.

At home, David's taken well to camp. For the first week or so he whined, but now he loves it. Other than that I don't have a lot of kid-related news for y'all. One thing we haven't done much of this summer has been getting him together with his friends, since now he goes to camp 5 days per week and we're away almost every weekend with activities or work. We're going to try and do some more of that the next few weeks as time permits before going away to MV again late in the month. He misses his friends.

And we hope to pick a painter for the fall repainting of our house this week. It's really in pretty rough shape right now.

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