Friday, July 27, 2007

I didn't forget y'all

Honest... Just been super busy with a research project for a client along with all the usual stuff. The only reason I can post right now is because I have some downtime while I'm sitting in my office salvaging a failed server of a client's.

One month into iPhone, it's still the best phone I've ever used. There are some flaws, but not major. I've had applications crash a couple of times (without affecting the rest of the phone), and the phone itself crashed once. Since my Treo used to crash several times daily I consider this a big improvement. AT&T's service is a little better than I remember (or possibly my first Treo - the 650 - just had exceptionally crappy RF performance). A couple of the dead spots I used to encounter are gone now. Battery life has emphatically not been a concern for me so far. Sound quality is very good, and Bluetooth performance is damn near perfect.

I'm eager to see what the first update (I figure it's due any day now) will bring.

In our personal life, David has adjusted well to summer camp and now claims to enjoy it. The first week? Not so much. He's also starting to come to terms with the idea that he is Not Going Back To His Old School. Period.

Everything else is a work in progress.

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