Thursday, May 31, 2007

On the horns of a dilemma

My first blog post in two weeks, and I'm distracted. Why? I'm going on vacation in a couple of days, and there's a Woot-off taking place right now (I'm auto-reloading the page every few seconds) - almost 48 hours into the Woot-off and still no Blinged-Out Cabbage! The suspense is killing me!

There's also no Palm Treo 700p MR yet, though there is still one day left in the week (I guess when Palm said "the week of 5/28" they planned to milk it right up until the end). Palm has, however, introduced "Foleo", which is a 2.5 pound Linux-running laptop with wifi and Bluetooth that had 5 hours of battery life, instant-on, and relies on your smartphone for virtually all its brains.

In other words, start shorting your Palm stock. This is a bad PowerPoint mashup given plastic form.

(in other news, woot just sold out the latest HD set and put up a crappy Athlon PC. I may just go to bed soon...)

And Apple's only product news of the week is that now AppleTV is available with 4x the storage (160GB) for $100 more. Santa Rosa systems coming in 2 weeks, max (at WWDC).

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